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2nd SANDiE Workshop on Characterization and modelling of self-assembled semiconductor nanostructures

Workshop dedicado al modelado de nanoestructuras semiconductoras autoensambladas.

Cuándo 12/12/2007 09:00 a
13/12/2007 18:30
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One of the aims of the meeting is to bring together experts in the fields of characterization and modelling of self-assembled semiconductor nanostructures, such as quantum dots, quantum wires, nanorods (nanowires, nanowhiskers) and quantum rings. It will also be a unique opportunity for PhD-students and postdocs to get an excellent introduction to the exciting fields of semiconductor nanostructure analysis and modelling and to present their own results.

Because these nanostructures have typical sizes of only a few nanometres, characterizing and modelling them at the atomic scale is indispensable to understand their physical properties and to design structures for incorporation in devices. What is required is a precise knowledge of their morphology, crystalline structure (and possible defects), local composition and optical, electronic, magnetic, mechanical... properties. Modelling these nanostructures relies on a realistic atomic-scale description, which can only be supplied by fine characterization. On the other hand, interpreting the characterization results often result on a modelling of the physical properties measured. Hence, confronting characterization and modelling may be highly fruitful. Indeed, the 2005 Eindhoven meeting amply demonstrated the interest of setting up a forum for interactions between analysts and modellers.

The meeting intends to review and confront different experimental analysis techniques and modelling efforts of self-assembled nanostructures. At the meeting the latest developments in the characterization of self-assembled nanostructures by techniques such as Transmission Electron Microscopy and nanoanalysis, Scanning Tunnelling and Atomic Force Microscopy and other near-field techniques and X-ray diffraction will be addressed. A second focus of the meeting will be the recent advances in the theory and modelling of both the physical properties of self-assembled nanostructures and their modes of formation.

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